Monday, March 15, 2010

Being God's Gals

"A capable, intelligent, & virtuous woman-who is he who can find her? She is far more precious than jewels & her value is far above rubies or pearls." Proverbs 31:10

Sometimes I think it is hard for us as women to see ourselves as God sees us. We might see ourselves in ways of past experiences or what others have said or done to us. We might see ourselves in our roles as wives, moms, sisters, daughters, friends or in our role at work. We might see ourselves in the world's eyes and value ourselves based upon how much we weigh, how much we've accomplished, others' approval, or outward appearance. We have so much thrown at us in media that it is easy for us to confuse our minds on what really makes us valuable. Even checking out in the Albertson's line I can get distracted by the magazines telling me what my body should look like.

Satan tries so hard to distract us from what truly brings us real joy and peace...the relationship we have with the Creator! Connie Witter says in her workbook, Because of Jesus, "Basing your self-worth & self-esteem on these things leads to an unhappy life; but if you base your self-worth on your relationship with God & what He thinks & feels about you, your life will be filled with joy & peace. You are precious & valuable to God because He made you & He purchased you with the precious blood of Jesus. Because of Jesus, you are a virtuous woman."

I know that doesn't mean that if we have a relationship with God that challenges & pain won't come our way. What it does mean to me is that when those challenges come, God as our Heavenly Daddy, will pick us up, give us hope, and amazing strength & insight through the Holy Spirit. What an amazing gift!

It's time we set our eyes on who we are made to be...God's Gals. The Creator wants to be friends with us. He's longing for us to talk to Him in a personal way and have a relationship with Him. Today I am claiming this verse for us:

"We were fearfully & wonderfully created by God. We are His masterpieces." Psalm 139:14

Let's hold our heads up high & live like God's Gals!


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